Ultimate Ears Review

Everything you need to know about ordering and receiving your Ultimate Ears

What you need to do:

  1. Visit your local Ear Institute to get the ear impressions made by a professional Audiologist.
  2. Download and print the UE Helpful Tips for Audiologist to ensure the ear impressions are made correctly i.e. depth and impression material. This is a critical part in the process as your custom moulds will be based on these impressions.
  3. You will receive the impressions immediately. Store them in a Ziploc bag and in a clearly labelled hard box to avoid damage during courier to Ultimate Ears Factory.
  4. Contact Ultimate Ears to find the nearest dealer in your area to manage the transaction or ship directly to Ultimate Ears
  5. Production and Delivery timings will depend on your location. However, our bulk order reached South Africa within 3months of order


What you will receive:

Depending on your musical requirement, the model you choose to order will vary. However, if like me you want to try them out for church/studio application – the UE-4 model is a good choice. These are claimed to be the best bang for buck model by people who have used the UE-4 and later upgraded to UE-18. The feedback after upgrading to UE-18 was that the difference in sound quality is noticeable however not enough to warrant the price differential. Either way, you will receive:

  • The UE model you ordered
  • Personalized carrying pouch with tracking number if lost & found
  • Cleaning tool
  • Warranty card

Pics coming soon…


UE-4 Review:ultimate-ears-ue4-monitor

One thing is clear; listening to music on your iPod or Mobile device with UE-4’s won’t really sound any-more-amazing than other quality earphones. However, you will really appreciate the value of these on a Live set. If you’ve visited my other in-ear monitor review page you will know that I’ve moved from JTS-IE-1 to SHURE-SE-425 to ULTIMATE EARS UE-4 so my views are relative to these and other in-ears which I’ve tried.


The Pros            
  • The most perfect fit
  • Does not pop out your ear or move around even with extreme movements while drumming (tried and tested provided your impressions are done proper)
  • Due to the mould reaching so deep into your ear canal, the isolation is incredible which means you can drop the listening volume significantly (>50% reduction)
  • Higher highs and lower lows compared to all other in-ears I’ve tried
  • Excellent build quality with superior finishing
  • Personalized carrying pouch


The Cons
  • I think the only setback is price at $399 and admin however these barriers can be overcome with proper guidance and a little more planning
Ultimate Ears Pricing at Q2 2016

UE4Pro            $399
UE5Pro            $600
UE7Pro            $850
UERM              $999
UEVRM            $999
UE11Pro          $1,150
UE18Pro          $1,350


Shure SE-425 vs. Ultimate Ears:  

Believe it or not, even after trying the UE-4’s I would still highly recommend the Shure-SE-425 for those who want to get hold of quality in-ears with zero admin. The Shure’s can really compete with these on many levels at a fraction of the cost and available with the click of a button or a quick store visit. For more details on my Shure experience click here

For official info on Pro Ultimate Ears click here

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