Pearl e-Pro Live Drums



I recently had the chance to demo the new Pearl e-Pro electronic drums and although, I am/was a huge Roland V-drums fan – I must say, I am impressed!


  • The kit looks great, like a proper Pearl accoustic kit would. In fact you would never say it’s electronic until you get behind the drums and check out the skins.
  • Proper size snare and toms. This is a huge benefit over the the Roland V-drums as you feel more comfortable when playing around the kit and if your electronic kit is simply for practice, this kit is going to ensure a closer feel of what it’s going to feel like when you get behind the accoustic kit. I’ve noticed breaks that are so simple to play on the V-drums but when you get to play them on the accoustic – the toms are further apart which makes a huge difference
  • In my opinion, the feel is better than Roland’s mesh pads. Mesh pads are a little too bouncy and un-realistic and I see that Pearl has actually used that as an opportunity to create a unique selling point. I understand, when it comes to feel – different “strokes” for different folks but I’m definitely liking it. I sometimes feel like I’m going to bust my mesh snare head whilst I felt very comfortable behind the e-pro – the Tru-Trac drumheads feel much more solid.
  • At any point, you have the option of changing back to normal drumheads and you have an accoustic kit


  • Moving this kit around is not going to be as easy as the Roland V-drums. The e-Pro is as big and heavy as a normal accoustic kit and I would imagine much more delicate. If you need a kit to be on the move – I would suggest Roland V-drums


  • The Pearl guy was raving about the sounds however I didn’t think the standard sounds were all that impressive vs. Roland. BUT REMEMBER, the module on both drums have midi in/out so the world of sounds are endless. You could probably get all of your Roland sounds on the Pearl e-Pro and vice versa so that sales talk about sounds shouldn’t move you
  • You are limited to colours with the e-Pro but hey, this is much more than Roland is offering

In my opinion… this is an awesome innovation by Pearl and is worth the money you are paying for it.

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