Pearl Demon Drive Bass Pedal

I recently reviewed the Pearl e-Pro Live drums and whilst doing that got to use the Pearl Demon Drive with it. I honestly thought it was the best bass pedal I’ve ever played with so decided to share.


Looks greatPearl Demon Drive

In my opinion, this is got to be the best looking pedal out there. The picture by itself shows the amount of effort that has gone into the design. The orange aluminium dots look like a cosmetic feature however these are traction dots which are fully adjustable to vary the amount of slip or grip for your playing. AMAZING!

By the way, if you are looking at getting a new bass pedal at church, this would be perfect. Just make sure you position your request for a “Demon Drive” correctly or else your worship Pastor might just kick you out 🙂

Feels better

As much as I love the look, the feel is by far the best feature. Whether you play a simple, single stroke or quick double; the pedal is just so smooth and you feel very much in control. This really helps to turn those spontaneous beats you have in your head into reality. I’ve never had this experience on another pedal and I’ve tried the likes of Pearl, Gibraltar and DW’s latest. It’s really hard to explain how significantly different the feel on this pedal is – you’ve got to at least try it out. It’s a winner!

I’m not going to go into any more detail because Pearl has made quite a fancy website for this bass pedal and I suggest you check it out.




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