My Roland TD-4K2


So, a few people have asked what kit I am using on the drum covers and tutorials which I do. It is the Roland TD-4K2 which basically comes with everything except the bass drum pedal, drum throne and audio jack.

You would notice a difference between mine and the one displayed below – particularly the tom pads. Below, is the Roland TD-4KX2 which have all mesh pads vs. my mesh snare and rubber pads on the toms. Important to note this very important difference in the model name. Watch out for music shops that may charge you a KX2 (mesh pad) price for a K2 (rubber pad).

The mesh pads have a completely different feel and can be tightened or loosened to adjust the response which is quite useful. In terms of sounds, you have the ability to change all pads and create your own personalized kits as well as manipulate the tones and muffle effects of the pads. There are many reviews on this kit so I’m going to leave it at that however just remember, the kit is midi compatible meaning you could download an endless list of sounds and drum kits onto your laptop and sync the two. Don’t chase a more expensive kit or listen to sales people who want to up-trade you based on “number of sounds”

The rhythm coach on the TD-4 is really cool. In essence, you play along with the metronome and it tells you if you are lagging behind the click or running ahead. This is great practice for any drummer no matter what level you are at. The module will also tell you what percent of your strokes are right on the money i.e. 50% on click or 100% on click

I’ve included a link below to Amazon where you can find more details on price, etc

For official product specifications check out


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