Yamaha DTX 450 vs. KAT KT1
















Not impressed

I had the opportunity to demo these two kits one after the other and was pretty disappointed. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend investing in these kits but rather spend a little more and invest in an entry level Roland V-drum kit.

When comparing the two, the build quality is better on the Yamaha and really poor on the KAT KT1. One distinct shortfall was the hi hat pedal switch on the KT1 which seemed to have a delay. The sounds are also not all that impressive on either of them but with loud speakers you could create a kit with sounds which are acceptable.

Only if I had to choose..

On feel, I would actually prefer the KAT KT1 over the Yamaha pads. They are softer, quieter and offer a more real feel rebound. So if I had to choose between these two, I would take the KAT KT1.

BUT, I would really not spend any money on either of these. Not a good investment!

VERDICT: Both these brands have higher end models which may be worth looking into but until I try them, I will recommend Roland V Drums