DW 5 Pc Practice Pad Set

I recently had the opportunity to demo this new product from DW and it is really worth looking into.

dw drum practice pad set


  • The build quality is superb as is any DW product
  • Solid hardware with impressive flexibility on the positioning of each practice pad which helps to improve speed and accuracy around the kit
  • Really enjoyed the rebound on the pads, not too much, not too little, just right
  • The inclusion of the bass drum practice pad is a winner, making this an all in one practice solution
  • Perfect for developing independence in grooves or fills
  • Easy to set up


  • The volume of sound generated from practice pads are really important as we drummers often turn to our practice pads for quiet practice and wouldn’t want to bother others with our speed rolls and rudiments. My first impression was that the pads were a little louder than expected i.e. very similar to Vic Firth practice pad’s sound, just a bit louder
  • If volume was crucial, I would choose the Vic Firth but for every other reason, I would choose the DW practice pad set


  • Best practice pad set I’ve tried to date

Official product information available at the DW website