Drummer Essentials

1. Drumstick bag

Firstly, I suggest you invest in a drumstick bag and build up your drummer essentials collection from there.


2. Drum key

Drum keys are necessary for tuning before/during sound check. Also, if you are playing with new drums, you will notice your drums go out of tune fairly quickly and fairly frequently. This will decrease over time as the lugs age and the skins set in but you will always need to fine tune so keep a few drum keys handy.


3. Quality drumsticks

The type of drumsticks you use will vary depending on your style of playing and choice of music. However, make sure you have sufficient stock i.e. make allowance for more than 1 broken pair during the set. And if you are using cheap sticks (ANYTHING other than Vic Firth) you will need much more. I remember trying these new, cheap “On-stage STICKS” which were being advertised and broke 1 stick in the 1st Verse, another in the Chorus and then picked up my Vic Firth and played the rest of the set. Just to make sure, I tried another On-stage pair during practice and got the same result. I would strongly advise not to waste money on these sticks – they are crap. I thought it was just me and my style of playing so I gave a pair to a 16 year old and he also broke it on his 1st song. Don’t compromise on drum sticks. It affects your feel, your sound and your technique.

I only recommend Vic Firth as a personal preference and you can read up more about which to purchase at the following link

4. Moon gel

I love this stuff, especially for the snare. It takes away a lot of the unwanted resonance and leaves a crisp sound which comes out great on the house speakers. Many drummers also use them on the toms too so try them out and see what works for you.


5. Great Monitors

I couldn’t stress enough how important monitors are to a drummer’s “performance”/ability to effectively contribute in praise & worship. I’ve written an article on in-ear monitors where I cover some of my experiences and product recommendations so click here to check it out



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