Boss DB-90 Metronome

This is an overview of the Boss DB-90 also known as “Dr. Beat” which I mentioned in the How to Practice Drums lesson. We currently use this module at Rivers Church (Durban) and it works pretty well for praise & worship.

Most used functionsBoss DB-90

There are a few functions that are used very often in a church setting. First would be the 50 potential presets. This means that you can save 50 song tempos/beats/patterns and line them up for the live set or just for practice. The sliders which you see on the left of the module provide a friendly user interface which allows you to adjust the metronome further. There is a slider for the time signature i.e. 4/4, 6/8, etc, another for sub-divisions, another for the metronome accent and another for the click volume which can be easily adjusted even whilst playing.

Add on Foot SwitchBoss Footswitch

I would strongly recommend getting a foot switch to go with this product especially if you intend on using it live. It is absolutely necessary when changing between songs especially in a church setting. Most praise & worship songs end in a cymbal build and it’s in this time that the click needs to be changed without dropping the build. The foot switch allows a smooth transition from one song into another and is well worth the tiny investment.

Tap function

Another useful function is the “tap” function which allows you to tap the timing of a song that may be playing in the background or perhaps during a spontaneous moment in praise & worship. The metronome will calculate the tempo you are tapping which you can then click in for the rest of the band.

Other cool functions

There’s a Rhythm Coach function with an onboard mic, a reference-tone function for tuning, an Instrument input and MIDI input functions – all of which make practice and performing more fun & effective.

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