So firstly, welcome and thanks for visiting gospeldrummer.org

This site was born out of a life-long passion to play drums and share my playing with those around me.

I’ve grown up in “the church” all my life and have been involved in praise & worship ever since I can remember. The advice I share on this site are essentially that which I’ve learnt along the way either from my own experiences or lessons I’ve learnt from others. I think there is a lot of good material available on drumming but few on how to worship God with your drums and how to effectively contribute to praise & worship i.e. as opposed to being that loud bang every now and then.

By profession, I am a consumer analyst in the FMCG industry – it funds my passion. Enough about me… If YOU would also like to share your drum material, articles or tutorials on this site – feel free to get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.

Hope you find the content interesting.


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  1. Hi Adriel, very cool niche and website! I love the theme. Look forward to seeing more content! Tina

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